SWR DevTools

A developer tool for SWR to help you debug SWR Cache.


You can download the SWRDevTools extension at the following.

How to Use

You don't need any setup if you use SWR v2, just open SWRDevTools extension on your application!

⚠️ If you use SWR v1, Install swr-devtools and wrap your application with the SWRDevTools component. Please see the more details in the documentation


Open the Developer Tools of browsers and select the SWR Panel, you can see the following panels.

Cache Panel

The Cache panel shows SWR Cache data on the page.

A screenshot of cache panel

History Panel

The History panel shows logs of fetcher results.

A screenshot of history panel

Network Panel (Experimental)

The Network panel shows a waterfall chart of fetcher results.

A screenshot of network panel

Online Demo

You can try SWRDevTools on this page!


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